About PAXEL123

PAXEL123.com is a site that presents entertaining, educational games for children in preschool and primary school. Our aim is to stimulate literacy in mathematics and language in a safe internet environment. The games are also suitable for children with special needs and for second language teaching. Access is free and will always be, no adds, no registration needed and we gather no personal information about the users.

More games and more languages are planned.

PAXEL123.com is based on the work of Anna Margrét Ólafsdóttir, principal of Nóaborg preschool in Reykjavik, Iceland. For more than ten years her preschool has had math and written language as its‘ guiding light. Home-made board and card games that were used in the preschool have now been developed into computer games for PAXEL123.com, new games have been added and more are being developed.

The music is composed by musicians Elín Ey and Eythor Gunnarsson.

The support of the following has helped make PAXEL123.com a dream come true:

Nordplus – Nordiske Sprog and Kultur nordplus.is

Icelandic Teachers Union ki.is

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture – a project to promote awareness and understanding of Nordic languages – Nordic Council of Ministers norden.org

Barnavinafélagið Sumargjöf. A foundation that started the first preschool in Reykjavík in 1924 and also started the first school educating preschoolteachers in Iceland in 1946.

SAFT– an organisation in Iceland whose mission is to empower children and parents to enjoy the internet and new media in a safe and positive way. SAFT is a part og Insafe, an EU funded project which aims to raise Internet safety-awareness standards and support the development of information literacy for all.

The board of Human rights in Reykjavik – Mannréttindaráð Reykjavíkur – rvk.is

Þróunarsjóður námsgagna ( A fund for the development of teaching material – The ministry of education)

To contact us write to annamagga60(at)gmail.com.

To play all our games you need java and flash. You can download java here and flash here.

To play the music with the games you need to be able to play midi files. You might need the software that you can download here.