DIY – Literacy

Here I will put in recipes of board games and other activities regarding literacy and you can do for you self at home or in school. At least 20 recipes will be available. This is a part of a developing project regarding literacy and my partners are 5 year old kids in my preschool, 2nd grade kids in the neighborhood and their teachers and 3rd and 4th grade kids in afterschool program and their teachers. Some of the games are ides from the kids. If you go to the Icelandic or Danish part of this site you can already find 10 ideas. I will use the summer to work on this. Because I can not translate to all language I have this on English for the other language. Notice that on the Icelandic, Danish and English part of this site you can also find a lot of fun,printable worksheets and many of them are “non language” and can be used on other languages.

I¬īm sorry that my English is not perfect but hopefully this will give you some ideas ūüôā

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1. Bingo with compound words

2. Find things around you that begins with the letter

3. The kids make lottery of rhymes

4. Literacy and training

5. The card game Fish here with rhymes

6. Bingo and find the first letter or sound in a word

7. Memory game with the alphabet

8. Yellow red green and blue

9. Letters and words

10. Big cards with the alphabet

11. What word starts with the letter

12.  Few ideas on how to play with letters and words