Paxel Rhyme Lotto is free http://www.apppicker.com/apps/1034583995/paxel-rhyme-lotto  No ads, totally safe for the kids.



The game Lottery of Rhymes will next month be available for iPad in Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, English and Polish. The app will be free and without ads. This is a part of a developing project I´m working on and children in the preschool Nóaborg and 2nd, 3rd nd 4th class in Háteigsskóli have been working with rhymes in Icelandic to use in the app. The other languages will have the same edition as in the game on the web. The project is focusing on reading and on the Icelandic and Danish part of this site you can see ideas for many activities regarding reading (board games and more) Some of the activities are ideas from the children. Around 20 ideas will be there.

29,04,2014 Leikurinn Töframyndir af síðunni er kominn út fyrir iPad. Þar heitir hann Paxel Magic Shape Pictures. Fyrstu þrjú borðin eru ókeypis en hægt er að kaupa allan leikinn fyrir 99 cent. Endilega kíkið á þennan glæsilega og skemmtilega leik þið sem eigið iPad https://itunes.apple.com/app/pattern-puzzle-game/id858006396?mt=8

29,04,2014 Our game on the web Magic shape pictures is now available for iPad in appstore and there it´s called Paxel Magic Shape Pictures. You can play the first three levels for free and if you pay 99 cents you can play all levels. Please check it out this new and fun game, dear iPad owners. It has “Parent gate” so that your child can not use in app purchases. https://itunes.apple.com/app/pattern-puzzle-game/id858006396?mt=8

The game Patterns has been adapted to iPad and is now available in App Store where it is called Pattern Puzzle Game. Click here for Pattern Puzzle Game in App Store.

You can learn more about Patten Puzzle Game by watching this video-review a4cwsn.com, Apps for Children with Special Needs, sem sérhæfir sig í umfjöllun um smáforrit fyrir börn með sérþarfir.

Unnið er að því að þróa fleiri leiki af Paxel123 fyrir iPad og munu þeir líta dagsins ljós fljótlega.