Here we will insert  news regarding The news will be in English and Icelandic because it´s not possible to translate all news to all languages.


Two new games will come on the web the next few weeks. Both games are math games.



Good news today 🙂  Paxel123 has been funded to add two math games to the site and also “resipes” of boardgames and other activities regarding math.



As a part of a developing project about reading I´m leading now we have developed the game Lottery of Rhymes for iPad and will release it in May. The app will be in Icelandic, English, Danish, Swedish and Polish and will be free of charge and without ads. You will also be able to read rhyme words to the game. Stay tuned 🙂



I want to remind you iPad owners that two games from are available for iPad and have got great reviews. Pattern Puzzle Game and Paxel Magic Shape Pictures can be downloaded from Apple store



New printable worksheets com regularly on the page and I now put the newest on the top. The worksheets are in Icelandic, Danish and English and focus on math and language. Many of the worksheets are non language and can be used by children speaking other language.

28,08,2014 should be working fine again. I´ve played a part of all the games that are now on the web and everything seems ok. If you find something wrong please let us know by e-mail to or through our facebook page

We are having some problems and is currently not available online. We are working on the matter and will be up and running again very soon.

Our new game Paxel Magic Shape Pictures is now available for iPad in AppStore. You can play the first three levels for free and if you pay 99 cents you can play all levels. Please check it out this new and fun game, dear iPad owners. It has “Parent gate” so that your child can not use in app purchases.


Great news: This award was presented to Paxel123 in Brussels , on the Global Safer Internet Day February 11th 2014: Adult non-professional – Paxel 123 games for entertaining, educational games for children in pre-school & primary school; developed by a teacher Anna Margrét Ólafsdóttir from Iceland.

Because of security problems with Java software we have temporarily removed three games. The are: Hidden Words, Lottery of Rhymes and Shape Puzzle. All other games are programmed in Flash. This is temporary, they will be back up again as soon as our programmers have made sure these security problems with the software have been fixed.

Your computer might ask you to update your settings and for a permission to run Java on your computer before playing some games. We are working on a solution to this inconvenience. This applies to three of our eleven games, i.e. those using Java.<

Happy new year 🙂 A new game is now almost ready and will come on the web the very next days. I was playing the game and it´s looking good 🙂 It´s a game with shapes and some magic. Look forward to it very soon 🙂

21,12,2013 wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂 Thank you for all the visits in the year 2013 and we look to see you all again in the year 2014. Two new games are coming in January/February so you can look forward to it 🙂 They will also be available for iPad. One of the game is made together with Anna Margret and a group of five year old children and the children have been drawing pictures that will be used in the game 🙂

Our Pattern Game is one of our most popular ones. Now it is available for iPAD. To get the app follow the link below. and please rate it as well. The game costs $2,50. Because is and will always be free and without adds we hope that by making some of the games for iPad money will come to maintain this gamesite 🙂

I´m proud to tell you that very soon the game Pattern will be available for iPad 🙂 We have made the graphic better looking and we look forward to see how this will work out. Two games coming soon here on the web will also be programmed for iPad.


Now you can find the directions for the game “Type words” in all languages but Greenlandic where the directions are in Danish. Translation for Greenlandic will come later. We have started on programming the next game that we call “Magic pictures”. We look forward to that game but there we focus on different shapes and little magic 🙂

A new game is now available. It´s called “type words” It´s not ready in all languages but will be soon. Instructions on how to play the game will be translated to all languages soon but the game is about typing words. In level one there are two and three letter words, four and five letter words in level two. There you can see below the picture how the word is written and you also see the first letter in the word. In level four there are two, three and four letter words, you can see the first letter in each word but nothing else. In some languages there are so few short words that there will only be level two and three

The adding game is now up and running. Just how many ways are the to add up to six and ten?  Also, nine of our games are now avaliable in Polish. Please share that information with your Polish friends

Like I´ve said here before is a part of a big European developing project called POSCON. “The Thematic Network POSCON – Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe – brings together institutions, organizations and companies from all over Europe to exchange experience and bring forward the topic of “positive online content and services for children” on European level, on the basis of previous initiatives, experiences and efforts.” The next meeting will be in December. For more information about the project you can visit the homepage”>

More printable worksheets are now available and more coming soon. The adding game with adding to 10 is little later then planned but will be ready very soon. Programming has also started on a new game that is made with help from five year old children and the children have drawn figures that will represent the mouse in the game 🙂 It´s a simple shooting game where you have to shoot down different shapes.

This weekend or early next week the “Adding game” will also have the possibility to add to 10. There are 42 different ways to add to 10 and it is a good extra choice to adding to 6 like you can do now.

I´ve added new worksheets in Icelandic, Danish and English and more are coming the next few days 🙂 For those of you speaking other languages you can use most of the worksheets in your language too. Just read the instructions on English or Danish and then you use them with your children 🙂

20.6.2013 – Just to remind you that you need to download Java and Flash to your computer to play the games and Midi file to be able to listen to the music while playing. Under the link About paxel123 you can find links to free downloads to the files you need 🙂

12.6.2013 – On the Icelandic, Danish and English part of Paxel123 we have prinouts for you to print for kids from about 4-6 years old. Theese are fun worksheets where the kids have to use scissors, glue, colors. ;Many of the worksheets are based on games on Paxel123 but new ideas are there too. Also you can find there simple boardgames. Most of the worksheets are on the Icelandic part but I will translate more to Danish and English later this summer.

12.6.2013 The game that Anna Margret has been working on with a group of 5 and 6 years old kids is now in the hands of the designer. He is working with pictures the children did draw. The pictures will be used in the game as the “shooter” and the player can choose between 6 characters when playing. They will shoot down different shapes and the game will also come for iPad.

On February 5th got the first price in a Icelandic contest – best online content for kids. Now we are taking part in a EU contest about the best online content for kids.  This contest was connected to the international Safe internet day.

The board of Human rights in Reykjavik has sponsored paxel123 to be available on Polish. The first games are now ready and the rest will be coming soon.

A fund in the ministry of Education has  sponsored paxel123 to put two new games on the site and also to make one of them also available for iPad.  The first game will be ready in September/October and the second one early next year.

Anna Margret the owner of paxel123 and creator of the games has been working with a group of six children aged 5 and 6. Together the group has created a simple math game that will come on the web in August. The children have been drawing pictures that will be used in the game. We plan this game also for Ipad. This work is a part of developing project in the preschool Nóaborg where Anna Margret is headmaster.

Soon the first iPad game will be ready. It´s the Pattern game that is on the web. The game has been improved to fit for iPads.

paxel123 is a part of a big EU project POSCON. The project has partners from all over Europe and the focus is on development and testing quality online material for kids. The first meeting was in Berlin in January and the next meeting will be in Amsterdam in June.